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Monday, October 7, 2013

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Well September was a pretty busy month for us but the past week we did nothing, went no where which is hard to do now with a fast walking/running baby. Peyton got roseola (thanks sick kid that passed their nasty germs onto her). Her temperature stayed at 102 for 48 hours and that was with Tylenol. This was the first "real" time (technically 2nd illness) where our baby was sick. After her fever broke, she had a rash all over her body for 2 days.

Now our sweet brown-eyed buttercup is much better!

A little 'update':

-Learned so many more words I can't keep track
-Knows almost every animal sound and the ones we don't make sounds for she can sign
-Eating has been a challenge. She really examines the spoon before we give it to her and spits out the healthy things. So I've had to get a little creative
-She's been independently eating with a spoon and does a pretty good job
-Obsessed with dolls. I've had to on several occasions bring a doll inside the restaurant with us
-19 lbs 30 inches (still rear facing and we (I mean I) can't wait till forward facing) Girl will not gain weight! I miss my chunky baby that we had for about 3 months

Our past few weeks through pictures and some I forgot to post earlier:
Riding the big horse

Date night at an A&M game in CS

Polka dot lover

I said it earlier but she LOVES/IS OBSESSED with dolls. 'Dolly' (her favorite) does everything and this day she took her for a ride.

Dolly & Peyton

Snow cone truck at a birthday party

Umm...I guess we need to talk about manners

Peyton and her big sister after some PL modeling

After a week inside of sickness we went out!

First time on the mall carousel 

Every girl needs a puppy in a purse

Freebirds..It's what's for dinner

Mad Hatter Tea Party at the museum

Children's Museum

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again.. I do thank God everyday for our precious Peyton. She has brought so much light into our lives and purpose its hard to remember what life was like before and how life wouldn't be the same if we hadn't have had her. 

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