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Friday, September 20, 2013


This is a lengthly post but pictures are at the bottom!

I'm not really sure where August went or for that matter July but apparently its September..which means October will be here as fast as I can blink and that means a real Halloween. Am I excited for halloween-UM YES! Why, you might ask...well this will be the first real trick-or-treating Peyton will do, outfits will fit her (although I'm making hers--I've discovered that I'm going to be "that mom" that makes their kids outfits) and she is going to enjoy every moment! AND, maybe its going to be my first real trick-or-treating..growing up on a street with 8 houses and no kids doesn't leave much "trick-or-treating", we would always go to the mall, which fulfilled my need or candy and showing off my costume.

What will she be you maybe thinking--oh that will come :) I've been in quiet a sewing mood lately, it maybe because for the past several months I can't sleep (i.e. going to bed no earlier than 12--the latest at 1:30) oh and then waking up and cooking breakfast at 6:30/7 every morning.

Our August memories:

our daily ride

belly buttons are fun