Peyton's first birthday

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a.....GIRL!

That's right!! Cade's prediction (and many of yours) were right. There was no mistaking that it wasn't a girl (as you can see). When the tech told us that we were having a girl, the first thing that popped into my head was "Oh man, Cade was right and I was wrong". We always have bets on who is right/wrong. Of course I am more than overjoyed to have a baby girl!

She was moving up a storm when we were first there but she was enjoying some unusual poses with her legs all the way up in front of her face. We tried to get a full shot of her face but right as that was about to happen, she crossed both of her arms in front of her face (along with her legs).....I guess being in a tight space, that position is comfortable.

I tried to move her and so did the tech but she did not want to budge!! It was so funny. After a few minutes of attempting, she rolled over to her side--she was done.

We hosted a gender reveal party for our family and few friends so that everyone could share in the joy of this news (the first Camp/Roper grandchild, first girl grandchild in general).
Here are a few pictures, the theme: WHAT'S IT GONNA BEE?

Tally Boy vs. Girl

Before the reveal

Pink filling--its a girl!

YAY! Cade was right :)

We can also announce our sweet baby girl's name:
Peyton Laine Roper

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Orleans

Our first trip of 2012 was for work and leisure. The international stroke conference was from Wednesday-Friday in which two of the studies I work on were being presented.

During this time, my baby bump grew even more! I had not told work before so it was hard to be around everyone 9 hours a day and what made matters worse was our stroke party in which it was free drinks all night long! I managed to avoid the situation pretty well though one co-worker suspected my secret.

A few places we went:

-Cafe Du Monde-- place to go for biegnets, they are open 24hours. We would get biegnets and sit on the stairs in front of Jackson Square and listen to the street music.
They must go through tons of powdered sugar a year.

The Ruby Slipper had a great atmosphere and brunch. This was the first time I've ever received a text message telling me we were to be seated next.

Eggs Blackstone...words can't describe how delicious it was

Crescent City Brewhouse
(Known for seafood cheesecake) We did NOT get that though!


Celebrity sightings:
Steve Zahn buying groceries.

While on Bourbon St, we saw the filming of "Now You See Me" in which we saw Jesse Eisenberg, and Mark Ruffalo.

This weekend kicked off the first parade of Mardis Gras with the "Krewe du Vieux" parade (Crimes against Nature). We had a balcony view of the parade at The Original French Market. The floats were incredibly funny, most not really appropriate to post.

We find out baby Roper's gender Wednesday the 15th (Cade's Birthday!!)