Peyton's first birthday

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tis the season

We are only 8 days away from Christmas-WHOA, wasn't Thanksgiving um yesterday?!?
We've been in a festive mood and have 95% of our shopping done, listed to Christmas music every time we are in the car, worn mostly red & green this month and have been munching on marshmallows.

Black Friday we put up our tree and decorated the house. Cade and I figured Peyton this year would try to play with the ornaments so I made her this felt tree as a way to try to distract her from the big one. She enjoyed it for one day and went to the big tree. I bought all new ornaments (shatterproof) prior and its a good thing because she spent the first couple of days pulling them off and throwing them on the ground.

the first of many ornaments thrown

hanging up her ornament

For the princess in our lives
looking at the ''baby''

Our new home ornament

Zoo Lights:
It was freezing that night and on a Saturday it was packed! She loved the lights and we are looking forward to taking her Santa's Wonderland after Christmas.

Tumbling Class:
 First I've got to mention that this was our FIRST ponytail. We needed to put our hair up for all the crazy moves we were going to be doing...did the pony last? Well not by the end of class but hey it was the first!
Dolly goes everywhere with us

rolling on the mat

her favorite toys

Random silliness:

Taking all of the rocks at the park and putting them on every bench. EVERY!

She's obsessed with these bunny ears! Best $.90 I've sent.

Two sweet friends at the zoo

We travel in style
Anytime Peyton sleeps with us I always find her like this.

Trucks, trains & legos when daddy comes to the museum!

Meet Holly Jingles:
Peyton's been enjoying waking up in the morning to search for Holly and gets the biggest kick out of where we put her. 

Lastly, our trip to see Santa. 
I knew that this year would be the dreaded Santa picture. Peyton has never been one to just go to random strangers (thankfully) and be fine. Top it off with the aware phase and well we didn't really have much hope of having the perfect Santa photo. 

Peyton loves the idea of Santa and all the fake Santa's. She's been good about waving to him when we pass by in the mall, she says Santa about 20 times on a daily basis but get in his lap--ugh, no thank you!

As soon as she got off his lap she stopped crying, waved at him and said Santa. She doesn't like strange men--I'm okay with that! 
At least she looks super adorable!

We still have a few more things to cross off our holiday list this month!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Festivities

This Thanksgiving was hosted at our house..not once but twice--in one day. I wasn't really sure that things would go according to plan but everything went perfect. We cooked a turkey for the first time and boy was it delicious!
Mimi & Papa came over for some early morning fun while Cade and I finished up making all the fixins.

I asked her to say cheese

Mimi, Peyton & Dolly

After lunch we released butterflies we watched turn from catepillars. Peyton loved seeing them everyday. It was cold, windy and rainy for a few days after they hatched but Thanksgiving day was perfect weather.

That evening we had a ham Thanksgiving with CeeCee, Ghangi, Logan and the Rihns. 

Cozy Coupe craziness in the house

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pink Lemonade 1st Birthday Party (A tad late)

So I realized looking through my blog posts, I never 'Published' Peyton's 1st birthday is that possible?!? Well they are only 4 months late!

Kidsize lemonade stand

Peyton's birthday turned out to be exactly how we wanted it and a perfect day! We really wanted it outside but 100 degrees is just too hot to have fun in. We had a great turnout of family and friends to celebrate this milestone with her. I couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out.

The decorations:
Monthly polarids

Present table

'1' & lemon cookies

1st birthday chalkboard

Lemonade, Sunshine & Fun
Our little Peyton is ONE!

My favorite shot of everything
Cake Time!
There was no 'cake smashing'..I think she had her fill of that on her actually birthday so instead we just picked at it.

She had no interest in the cake

This was the only way she would eat the cake!


She was afraid of balloons so we hid them but she did not show she was afraid when everyone was around.

I'm 1!

She was done with pictures at the end

Peyton and her big sis Cam
My elementary school friend's daughter Camryn!

Loves being on daddy's shoulders

Don't forget to take a lemon!