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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free at last!

Pacifier free that is..yes it feels like we should have done this sooner but we have been 1 week without the pacifier!

We've been wanting to "take it away" ever since the one year mark but then we thought well once she starts asking for it we'll take it away. Well she started saying "paci" and we gave in. At first it was just for naps and bedtime but then it started where she asked for it every car trip and as strong-willed as she is I gave in (for my own sanity). Then we said okay at 18 months, well 18 months came and I wasn't about to go to 2 years.

So once day I just decided enough is enough. We will suffer for a few days and she'll get over it. Day 1 was rough, lots of tantrums and "paci paci paci". I wasn't sure how she would do at night but she fell asleep once we entered her room. Then the day after, no mention of it...ok flook right? Um, no. She has not mentioned THAT word ever since. FREE AT LAST!!

BUT......there's always got to be a but, she is now waking up at 5am and today 4:30 ready to play. I've made two trips to HEB to get more coffee pods because we've used that much.

In the end its worth it, right? I don't really need that extra hour of sleep oh and don't forget we are now one nap a day, no more than 1 1/2 hours of course.

"Drinking" the remains of my much needed coffee. She really thought she was hip but little did she know we knotted the straw inside