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Friday, August 30, 2013

Aggieland-Fightin Texas Aggie C/O 2034

So...have I told you lately how much I love Aggieland? I think the best phrase to describe it is:
"From the outside looking in you can't understand it, from the inside looking out, you can't explain it"
This is so true...I loving going back and walking around campus and eating at my old hangouts. And lets not forget tailgating and football games. I get this feeling of being home when I'm there and I'm very happy that Cade indulges my Aggie needs by wanting to take drives there.

I've always been an Aggie and my fondest memories are of my parents and I doing day trips to CS, so I guess I've carried on that tradition (you know us aggies and our traditions). Ok, so its been a year since we were in CS and we really wanted to go before school started and football season kicked off and got insanely busy.

AND I might be a little coupe crazy--its all out of my system now. Two cozy coupes are plenty!! But I HAD to do a "Fightin Texas Aggie Cozy Coupe" for our future Aggie. I had this planned the same time as her ladybug one.

Yearly Aggie Picture

daddy I want to run around!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Staycation Vacation

Cade took a few days off and instead of driving somewhere we decided to do a staycation. We headed to the beach for the first time with Peyton, went to the zoo(we were overdue), drove to College Station and went to Old McDonalds Farm!

This was the first time we went to the beach in hopes of not getting any sun--are we getting old? NO--just have a precious baby to protect from those evil sun-rays and I guess the hubby too. I mostly tan not burn (thank you Cuban genes).

Peyton didn't mind getting a little dirty in the sand and really liked going into the water...she more-so didn't like the toys at first but warmed up to them after a little while.
You would think she's ready for a show 

This was by far the funnest toy

oh I like the way this feels

No mommy I going back to the water

After 2 hours of fun in the shade. We changed and headed to Rainforest Cafe for lunch before heading home. Since Peyton is really into animals, this was the perfect place to go. She got to practice her monkey and elephant noises.

The next day we headed to Old McDonald's Farm (brings back elementary school memories of birthday parties).
I just woke up..where's my coffee?

she really liked the goats

they say what?

snack break 

Hi sheep!

trying to chase the doe

She really enjoyed it
Sunday we went to College Station--this will have its own post because its extra special!

The last day we went to the zoo. Peyton has learned so many different animal noises and signs since we were there last so we thought it would be good to see the animals instead of just see pictures.

doing her monkey

and we still don't like the carousel 

Cade has more pictures so I'll revise the post later to add.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I know...I've been a horrible blogger lately, only because we have been so busy and at night time I've been working on the orders I've gotten--it definitely feels like football season!

Our sweet Peyton is now 13 months! Everyday I look at her and can't believe what an amazing blessing she is. I really could not have asked for a better daughter.

Here is what Peyton's been up to in just one month:
-Plays peek-a-boo none stop. Its so cute seeing her try to 'hide' from us
-She can make the following animal sounds: cow, cat, horse (her favorite)
-Mimics my interpretation of an elephant and monkey
-She blows kisses
-Knows how to "shh"
-Holds both her arms out which means "all done"
-Got 2 molars for a grand total of 10 teeth
-Walking all of the place and walking 'fast'
-She can sort of say "shoes" but definitely knows to get them so we take her outside
-Newest food fav is cucumber
-LOVES animal books (or me making all the noises for each animal)

Lunch with Dr. Vicki!

This girl loves her Toms...or maybe mommy loves them 

Peyton LOVED baby Gianna at Caley's baby shower. When I say loved, I mean seriously...she rocked her carseat, talked to her, played hide-n-seek, touched her toes, smiled and giggled the entire time. I'm thinking she will be such a sweet big sister (when that time happens which is not now! LOL)

Baby Hunter's shower and Jagger's 1st birthday celebrations

Yep..this is still our favorite way to get around

So every Sunday or Saturday really just depends on our mood, we head over to Buzzles for some snowcones. They are the BEST! Just don't get the dill pickle--this coming from a pickleholic.
Buzzles Addict

Our first snowcone
 Every Tuesday and Thursday we head to the pool at Rob Fleming Park for our mommy and baby swim class. Peyton loves being with the other kids and floating in her tub. Not to mention she is the most stylish baby there.
Every girl needs a swim cap 
Freebirds has free kids meals on Monday and Tuesdays so we took Peyton for her first meal not sharing from us! She was in food heaven...thank goodness because as any Aggie knows Freebirds is the best--better than Chipotle--yes don't even argue it.


We went to see Elmo for our first "Toddler Time" at Chickfila...she enjoyed watching him but once it came to having him hold her she wanted NO part in it. Can you tell? 

Add caption

1 year shots done!
Oh just rearranging the furniture

Who's going to take me outside?

My Gym fun!

Ok I think that's enough pictures for now! Till next time!