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Monday, May 20, 2013

Splishin 'N' Splashin

It was an extremely hot Texas weekend so we decided to get a pool. I'm NOT looking forward to summer time, its hard to believe last year during this time I was in my third trimester--how did I stand it?!? Note to self--don't be in the last trimester during the extreme heat!! I have to remind myself of that when we talk about the next Roper baby.

waiting to go out

Like bath time but even more fun!

Boy did the cool water feel good!

Big booty 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

This particular mother's day was special because it was my first mothers day.
We hosted a playdate at our house this past week to make some special little gifts for ourselves from our little ones. The event went great! Here are a few pictures from it:

Peyton and I spent some quality time with MiMi shopping at the mall on Saturday.

On Sunday, we headed to Black Walnut Cafe for an early breakfast to avoid the massive 'brunch' crowd. They handed out carnations to each mom.
Peyton's gift to MiMi was a pot with her precious little feet.

The afternoon we decided to head out to the park and enjoy a picnic. Peyton was in such an amazingly happy mood--she was chessin it up every time I took a picture of her!
'Daddy & I agree, mommy is the BEST'

Fedora for baby..I think so!

Hi ducks

Once we got home, we cooked dinner for Logan and CeeCee.

Cade pampered me by letting me take a nap since I wasn't feeling very well, took care of most of the diapers and finished off the night with some wine and dessert. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! And to spend it with my precious daughter whom I'm so thankful that God decided for me to be her mommy. I am truly a lucky, blessed woman to have a loving marriage and healthy happy baby girl!

Happy 10 months!

In just TWO short months our baby girl will be 1 year old! She is such a joy to be around and has an intoxicating, lovable, precious smile that can melt any heart...And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom--I mean have you seen the pictures?! They don't do it justice!

-Loves LOVES LOVES swinging.. did I mention she LOVES it?
-Holding up "6" with her fingers. It is ALWAYS 5 fingers on the left hand and 1 on the right.
-Loves pointing to everything
-Says 'cat' in her own way "Ka" when she sees them outside
-Super fast crawler and is getting more brave at trying to stand on her own (she can for about 2 seconds)
-Dances like crazy if she hears any music. Even the wonderful vocals of myself and Cade.
-Anything and everything is a walker
-SLEEPS in her crib ALL night! (by all night I mean she doesn't sleep in our bed, she has been waking up to eat at 2-3a.m.<-growth spurt?)
-Finger foods (particularly bananas, strawberries, avocado, peas, chicken)

-Green beans. At least any type I make her.
-Diaper changes still
-Me trying to wipe her nose or use simply saline or boogie wipes

Anywhoo, onto our 10 months pictures:

The famous '6'

Moody Gardens Goodness

Last weekend we decided to spend the beautiful cool Saturday at Moody Gardens. Now that Peyton is more aware, we thought it would be great for her to see the aquarium and rainforest pyramids.
Ready to go!

pointing to the butterfly

watching the waterfall

telling us about everything she saw

thanks for the outfit Aunt Nicole!

Dancing to a Shakira song

P is just a little taller than a Rockhopper

the turtle loved P
It was lots of fun for all of us! We can't wait to go again!