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Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy 10 months!

In just TWO short months our baby girl will be 1 year old! She is such a joy to be around and has an intoxicating, lovable, precious smile that can melt any heart...And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom--I mean have you seen the pictures?! They don't do it justice!

-Loves LOVES LOVES swinging.. did I mention she LOVES it?
-Holding up "6" with her fingers. It is ALWAYS 5 fingers on the left hand and 1 on the right.
-Loves pointing to everything
-Says 'cat' in her own way "Ka" when she sees them outside
-Super fast crawler and is getting more brave at trying to stand on her own (she can for about 2 seconds)
-Dances like crazy if she hears any music. Even the wonderful vocals of myself and Cade.
-Anything and everything is a walker
-SLEEPS in her crib ALL night! (by all night I mean she doesn't sleep in our bed, she has been waking up to eat at 2-3a.m.<-growth spurt?)
-Finger foods (particularly bananas, strawberries, avocado, peas, chicken)

-Green beans. At least any type I make her.
-Diaper changes still
-Me trying to wipe her nose or use simply saline or boogie wipes

Anywhoo, onto our 10 months pictures:

The famous '6'

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