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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Well hello again

I think 6 weeks of not blogging is a good enough time. We've had a lot happen the past weeks, celebrate Cade's birthday, went to Austin, Valentine's day, all 3 got sick, went to the rodeo twice, and many days of zoo, museums, play dates and rainy indoor days!

But this picture sums up the time we've had (of course minus the sick weeks).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free at last!

Pacifier free that is..yes it feels like we should have done this sooner but we have been 1 week without the pacifier!

We've been wanting to "take it away" ever since the one year mark but then we thought well once she starts asking for it we'll take it away. Well she started saying "paci" and we gave in. At first it was just for naps and bedtime but then it started where she asked for it every car trip and as strong-willed as she is I gave in (for my own sanity). Then we said okay at 18 months, well 18 months came and I wasn't about to go to 2 years.

So once day I just decided enough is enough. We will suffer for a few days and she'll get over it. Day 1 was rough, lots of tantrums and "paci paci paci". I wasn't sure how she would do at night but she fell asleep once we entered her room. Then the day after, no mention of it...ok flook right? Um, no. She has not mentioned THAT word ever since. FREE AT LAST!!

BUT......there's always got to be a but, she is now waking up at 5am and today 4:30 ready to play. I've made two trips to HEB to get more coffee pods because we've used that much.

In the end its worth it, right? I don't really need that extra hour of sleep oh and don't forget we are now one nap a day, no more than 1 1/2 hours of course.

"Drinking" the remains of my much needed coffee. She really thought she was hip but little did she know we knotted the straw inside

Thursday, January 23, 2014

18 months! (And what we've been up to)

Can't believe Peyton is 18 months old now! She's grown up so much in these past few months.

A few deets about her:
-Her vocabulary has increased and she's been putting words together
-She's beginning to recognize certain letters--I hand it to Super Why her knew favorite show
-Knows the majority of colors but always says 'red' first when you ask her..then says the correct color
-LOVES drawing. Every morning before 8am we are coloring--thank goodness for color wonder
-LOVES cranberries and Trader Joe's freeze-dried Mangos
-still an early bird
-Wears a chunky necklace almost everyday (by her own request--I am not the one putting them on her)
-Loves wearing pigtails and we've started ponytails too. We've done pigtails before but these are serious pigtails where all her hair fits!!
-Had juice for the first time (I know I know)
-Enjoys the park (we got at least one/two times a week) and can slide by herself (tears)
-LOVES to say cheese

This is the aftermath of pigtails



Peyton & Hunter
On her 18 month 'birthday' we had breakfast at her favorite spot, went to a birthday party, the park, and had Mexican food for dinner!
Breakfast at La Madeline

Playing hide and seek

she really loves cranberries

I ask her to hold up '2'...this technically counts!

First time at Bouncing Bears with friends

Peyton's BFF-they love hanging out with each other

A Very Merry Christmas

I can't believe its almost the end of January and I'm just NOW writing about Christmas!
Christmas keeps getting better in the Roper house as we get to experience Peyton's reaction and can play with all the goodies.

traditional onesies Christmas Eve

So instead of writing a lengthy post, I've just added pictures. Her favorite toys this year were: all dress up stuff, bubble guppies bath toys, stroller, Minnie Mouse, princess castle, car key and her camera! Dislikes: her 4 wheeler (she still to this day does not want to ride it nor have anyone else ride it.

she was very excited about her bubble guppies toys

Next year she'll get a drum set 

We took pictures of each other

Peyton got daddy a present too--it was a handmade drawn mug with him & her at the park feeding the of their favorite things to do.

Our Christmas breakfast-Reindeer pancakes.
Peyton's looked like a bear (no bacon)

Tea time

Riley's birthday:
Peyton loved playing with Sam while they were down. 

The next few days we played dress up!

We had no clue what we wanted to get Peyton this year for Christmas. 18 months is kind of a hard age to find gifts for--either they are too young or too old. And we have a little shrimp so that ruled out several things we wanted. So instead I thought of making her a dress up station. I told Cade how I wanted it to be and HE built it (plans from Anna White) and painted it!! I handpainted the letters and of course picked up the mirror (Garden Ridge), knobs (2 different sets from Hobby Lobby) and picked out all the dress up clothes/accessories (Target & Marshalls). Dress up necklaces & bracelets were from Miles to London on etsy--LOVE her stuff and obsessed!! 


Mirror mirror on the wall..

Accessories side

We had the merriest of Christmas' this year and were so blessed in 2013!