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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas

I can't believe its almost the end of January and I'm just NOW writing about Christmas!
Christmas keeps getting better in the Roper house as we get to experience Peyton's reaction and can play with all the goodies.

traditional onesies Christmas Eve

So instead of writing a lengthy post, I've just added pictures. Her favorite toys this year were: all dress up stuff, bubble guppies bath toys, stroller, Minnie Mouse, princess castle, car key and her camera! Dislikes: her 4 wheeler (she still to this day does not want to ride it nor have anyone else ride it.

she was very excited about her bubble guppies toys

Next year she'll get a drum set 

We took pictures of each other

Peyton got daddy a present too--it was a handmade drawn mug with him & her at the park feeding the of their favorite things to do.

Our Christmas breakfast-Reindeer pancakes.
Peyton's looked like a bear (no bacon)

Tea time

Riley's birthday:
Peyton loved playing with Sam while they were down. 

The next few days we played dress up!

We had no clue what we wanted to get Peyton this year for Christmas. 18 months is kind of a hard age to find gifts for--either they are too young or too old. And we have a little shrimp so that ruled out several things we wanted. So instead I thought of making her a dress up station. I told Cade how I wanted it to be and HE built it (plans from Anna White) and painted it!! I handpainted the letters and of course picked up the mirror (Garden Ridge), knobs (2 different sets from Hobby Lobby) and picked out all the dress up clothes/accessories (Target & Marshalls). Dress up necklaces & bracelets were from Miles to London on etsy--LOVE her stuff and obsessed!! 


Mirror mirror on the wall..

Accessories side

We had the merriest of Christmas' this year and were so blessed in 2013!

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