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Thursday, January 23, 2014

18 months! (And what we've been up to)

Can't believe Peyton is 18 months old now! She's grown up so much in these past few months.

A few deets about her:
-Her vocabulary has increased and she's been putting words together
-She's beginning to recognize certain letters--I hand it to Super Why her knew favorite show
-Knows the majority of colors but always says 'red' first when you ask her..then says the correct color
-LOVES drawing. Every morning before 8am we are coloring--thank goodness for color wonder
-LOVES cranberries and Trader Joe's freeze-dried Mangos
-still an early bird
-Wears a chunky necklace almost everyday (by her own request--I am not the one putting them on her)
-Loves wearing pigtails and we've started ponytails too. We've done pigtails before but these are serious pigtails where all her hair fits!!
-Had juice for the first time (I know I know)
-Enjoys the park (we got at least one/two times a week) and can slide by herself (tears)
-LOVES to say cheese

This is the aftermath of pigtails



Peyton & Hunter
On her 18 month 'birthday' we had breakfast at her favorite spot, went to a birthday party, the park, and had Mexican food for dinner!
Breakfast at La Madeline

Playing hide and seek

she really loves cranberries

I ask her to hold up '2'...this technically counts!

First time at Bouncing Bears with friends

Peyton's BFF-they love hanging out with each other

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  1. that first picture---soooo cute! She's beautiful :) can't believe she knows colors and letters! Try Leapfrog's Letter Factory with her; Sam got his letters and sounds down so quickly with that! Sam is proud of Peyton that she can slide and wants her to come try out his slide!