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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable May

Peyton in 3D

 May was a very busy month for us, here are some of the activities we had:

-Maternity photos
-Work baby shower
-Mother's Day
-Cade and I finished up our classes for the semester
-Baby Shower at Sugarbaby's
-Shopping for Peyton
-Babymoon to Austin
-Start of our childbirth classes
-Peyton continues to grow and wiggle around

Maternity Photos
Just a few that we have so far. We will be getting the rest this week!

My work threw a fun shower for me. We played games where everyone guessed the size of my tummy (2 people were almost right one it), guess the baby food-I surprisingly won this event against 4 people who have young kids! We also played a game in which some of our physicians had to drink the juice out of the baby bottle as fast as they could. The guy who won bit the end of the nipple but that was not against the rules.

Mother's Day:
For the first time, we went with my mom and Cade's mom to Cafe Express, the weather was cool and sunny--a perfect day to sit outside. Their presents this year were geared towards being grandma's (they both got clothes that say I love Grandma or Grandma says I'm perfect). We told them to keep them at their house because there will be plenty of times for them to change Peyton at their houses. :)

Finishing up classes:
I finished my microbiology (with an A) so now I only have 2 more classes to finish up by the end of the year to apply to nursing school. Cade did so great this semester, he was taking 3 classes (which is full time for the MBA program), working full time and taking care of me. It was a bit much to do all of this but glad he got some of those classes out of the way. I think our household enjoys going to school. I took my HESI exam for nursing school and did really well. Thank goodness the absentmindedness did not effect me!

Baby shower at Sugarbaby's:
We were so excited for this shower. Nicole hosted it and did an amazing job!! The place was so adorable, perfect for a little girls shower. There wasn't much parking but everyone managed to find a place around the area. There was a bow making station, thanks to everyone Peyton has some pretty cute bows. I just hope she has some hair so she can start wearing them soon.
We played a fun game in which it was similar to the Newlyweds game but instead it was geared towards first time parents. There was a great turnout and Peyton got some really cute things.

Cade and I are now wondering where we are going to put everything! Sunday we went shopping with the gift cards we accumulated as well as returning some duplicates and things we didn't need (having about 14 pacifiers is a bit much). It was very successful, we bought the essential items we needed and only have a few more things to purchase.

Babymoon to Austin:
Seeing as now that we will have an addition to the family, Cade and I wanted to have one last trip just the two of us and since I'm not able to fly and we need to save money, we thought Austin would be a great place to relax for Memorial Day weekend. I think we finally decided that Austin is where we eventually live. We stayed at Lakeway Resort on Lake Travis-definitely a place we have decided to go again! The pool and view was spectacular and they had plenty of events for both the family and adults. Saturday we headed up to San Marcos to go to the outlet mall which we had never been. It was overwhelming and not a place you only stay for a few hours. I wouldn't recommend it 8 1/2 months pregnant either because of the heat and all the walking but I survived thanks to air conditioning.


Our next appointment is June 4th (35 weeks), after this we will be visiting the doctor every week up until the big day of Peyton's arrival. We can't believe Peyton will be here in only 5 weeks, time is flying by!

35 weeks: