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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

It's almost the end of October and we've only been to 2 pumpkin patches...ok two is plenty! And there are PLENTY of pictures in this post so not too many words. :)

Pumpkin Patch #1: 7 Acre Wood was having a free fall festival so we went with Mimi to have some pumpkin patch fun.

I see you...

She really liked playing tetherball

they drove for 20 minutes

we are going to enter her into a
strong baby competition

The ladies

Pumpkin Patch #2
Last year we went to Old Time Christmas Tree Farm and we've kinda designated that as our 'tradition' pumpkin patch.
Ready for carving
2 1/2 feet tall this year

because we all need a pumpkin purse

You mean I get all of these right

I like this one

Oh I've got big plans for you pumpkin

Lifting pumpkins


I really like this little pumpkin

The next on our list is to carve these pumpkins! 


This is a hodge podge of what we've been doing the past few weeks (not related to pumpkin patches or halloween) Those will be in a separate post!

looking at the coy 

Daddy caught her checking out the clothes

She wouldn't leave

Dolly & Ally 

Wearing daddy's hat

They like to take late night selfies

She wanted both..

sadly she got none

Logan riding the saddle

Happy birthday!

CeeCee and Peyton reading while we are watching
the Walking Dead in the background


playdate with Jenner at the museum

snowglobe fun..shh don't tell Uncle Logan

Peyton's good buddy Bear..she had just tickled him

Firefighter Peyton

She wanted to take the dog home

We really love dolls & strollers

And lastly, my dad recently fell onto a concrete barricade that is in front of the parking spots. He fractured his hip and had surgery to put 3 pins into his hip. He just got transferred to a rehab facility where he will be for 1-2 weeks. Thankfully it was not anything more serious but he has a long recovery time ahead and he is not the best patient. Thank you for the continued prayers and wishes for a smooth recovery!