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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

15 month check up

Well for some reason I did not remember that this visit would require must be the late nights and early mornings getting to me. Let's just say this was one for the books! We didn't really start the day off great as they are building & ripping up all the streets in The Woodlands.. we were in some great traffic (oh and during morning rush hour--remind me to not schedule any more early morning visits until this construction is done!). As soon as the nurse called our name, we walked over to go to the exam room and we were almost in until Peyton had flashbacks to all the things that have happened in this room. She quickly broke free from my hand and darted for the exit.

I picked her tiny but strong body up and she immediately began crying when we entered the room. So, you get the picture that that's how the entire visit went..I don't exaggerate--we cried 80% of the time. Dora The Explorer, honey graham puffs and selfies got us through the other 20%. We get to do this again in one month...I've told Cade he gets to take her.

Needless to say, she's doing very well for her age. She's also whopping 19lbs 13 oz--sooo close to 20lbs.

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