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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pink Lemonade 1st Birthday Party (A tad late)

So I realized looking through my blog posts, I never 'Published' Peyton's 1st birthday is that possible?!? Well they are only 4 months late!

Kidsize lemonade stand

Peyton's birthday turned out to be exactly how we wanted it and a perfect day! We really wanted it outside but 100 degrees is just too hot to have fun in. We had a great turnout of family and friends to celebrate this milestone with her. I couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out.

The decorations:
Monthly polarids

Present table

'1' & lemon cookies

1st birthday chalkboard

Lemonade, Sunshine & Fun
Our little Peyton is ONE!

My favorite shot of everything
Cake Time!
There was no 'cake smashing'..I think she had her fill of that on her actually birthday so instead we just picked at it.

She had no interest in the cake

This was the only way she would eat the cake!


She was afraid of balloons so we hid them but she did not show she was afraid when everyone was around.

I'm 1!

She was done with pictures at the end

Peyton and her big sis Cam
My elementary school friend's daughter Camryn!

Loves being on daddy's shoulders

Don't forget to take a lemon!

Our first trick or treating

Well it wasn't Peyton's first halloween this year but it was her first time to trick or treat. As well as my first time going door to door in a neighborhood and our first time in our neighborhood. It was pouring down rain that morning so we weren't really sure if we'd get to go. We had a halloween party with our playgroup, Peyton tied for 2nd place in the halloween costume contest. I mean she should have won :) but we know the winner and we are happy he won :)
Our playgroup

A little pre-Halloween photo session:

Hmm..this sign is pretty neat

 Trick or treat trail pictures:

Alice, the Queen of Hearts & the Mad Hatter
Heading out for a pre-trick or treating Mexican meal!
Saying "Boo"

Pumpkin rice krispie treats!

Pumpkin carving this year did not go as well as last year. Peyton was not into carving but rather running around playing. She did enjoy taking all the seeds & guts out.

We tried to put her in the pumpkin this year..
she did NOT like it. 

Her favorite part was taking the candy out of the bag and putting it back in.