Peyton's first birthday

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Awesome April

As this month ends, here's a look back at a few of the many fun times we've had.

Not waisting the probably few days of 'cool' weather, we've been at the park and outside in our yard.
Cade has lots more project now that we are house owners and a special little girls first birthday..we haven't revealed the theme yet but Cade's in the process of building something for it! :)


Enjoying the day
Our cats are outside in the backyard...and still alive. Finger crossed it stays that way. They seem to be adjusting well and stay close to the porch. They haven't ventured further than that really but I'm sure in no time they will.

smoochy face

 We put up Peyton's swing which has been sitting in the dining room for probably a month. We found the tree but the branch wasn't short enough. After buying some chain, it is up and Peyton just loves it! We swing almost everyday.

Swing time
This past week Peyton all of sudden decided she wanted to use her walker--by herself. She uses it to walk everywhere in the house. We don't have to force her to use it. The only thing she has trouble with is turning but I'm sure in no time she will be a pro.

Going on her walkabout

Super P!

watch out naked baby!
Peyton and some of her boys!

Crazy climber

Impromptu clown show in Market Street..Jackpot! 

taking pictures for PeytonsLane

Before bed silly face pic..front facing iphone camera not the best quality but I love them!

We are ready for May's Adventures!


 Last week was our first family member-only zoo event! Yes, its very exciting. After Cade got off work, we headed downtown. Now that we live farther, it definitely feels like it. I know its only 15 minutes but that just adds on....makes me very glad I don't have to drive to the medical center for work everyday.

The zoo had music, keeper talks and a scavenger hunt with a prize at the end (yes, we went full force on the hunt and got Peyton's prize at the end!). We were surprised at how there were areas of the zoo that we really hadn't noticed before. It was a great experience and we had so much fun.

Peyton stayed awake the entire time and we didn't leave until a little past 8 (which 8 she is usually IN bed). She really liked the lions and giraffes. Her latest thing is waving---at anything and sometimes just because. So we waved at all the animals.

Pictures Highlights:
Our guide

Waving to the lions

And yes, more waving

we couldn't take the passport from her..seriously
she cried every time we did.

The prize at the end

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun Filled Activities (FFA)

Ok the title might be a little corny but I had to do it!

This past Friday and Saturday we went to Logan's Tri-Club show and auction.
Aunt Nicole made these adorable shirts for the cousins to wear to support Uncle Logan.

Uncle Logan's Fan Club

The ladies wore FFA color headbands

We didn't know what to expect since this was Peyton's first show but it didn't go as well as we had hoped for. The loud speakers, cheering and screaming fans did not sit well with Peyton's sensitive ears. So the majority of the time we were there both days we just walked around away from all of the noise. Next time we will have to bring some ear protection. Here are a few pictures:
Grand Reserve Champion Rosie
Looking at distract from the noise

In honor of national siblings day

The ladies were done at the end of the day 2:

Last weekend we went to Cade's cousin (Delane's) wedding at Bentwater. It was beautiful and so good to hang out with family.

Dancing machines!

too fast for my camera

Friday, April 12, 2013

8 Month Favorites

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether- This is something that we carry around everywhere. Peyton isn't really a fan of most teethers but this one isn't like most that are filled with water. Its more like a toy that she can chew on. I recommend this to any parent!
Earth's Best Toothpaste & Brush-Since P has 6 teeth brushing two times a day is essential in our household. She gets so excited when she sees the brush. Most of the time she is trying to bite or suck on it when I'm brushing her teeth. Really any brush or toothpaste is good, we just use this brand.
Little Tikes Activity Garden-Well work the money!!! This toy has it all. P likes to stand, open the windows, crawl out from the door and use the telescope.
Little Tikes Tickle Balls- every since we started going to the Little Gym, P can't stop looking at balls. We were at ToysRUs one day and found these similar to the ones we us at LG. She is started to roll the ball back to us-and by back I mean roll it anywhere but hey its a start!
Bubbles-Who doesn't love bubbles? P is more aware of the bubbles and will sometimes hold her hands out. She has this amazed look on her face when they pop.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bling bling..someone got earrings

What better way to celebrate 9 months then with some beautiful cubic zirconia's?

We headed to the doctors office to get it done. I've been wanting to do it but decided I didn't want to wait too long.

last time with un-pierced ears
MiMi joined for some support and to participate in 3 generations of ear pierced babies.

Peyton did so wonderful, she of course cried when she got them but we danced around the room and looked at ourselves in the mirror and were fine...though she didn't really give a good look to the doctor afterwards.

Right after
Maybe a special little girl will get a new pair of earrings for her first birthday...
could she get any cuter?!