Peyton's first birthday

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Noteworthy November

Hard to believe that November is already over, we have been busy this month I haven't really posted about Peyton's development/milestones.

-Chews and sucks on anything! You will notice lots of pictures with fingers in her mouth.
-Hand coordination is amazing! If you put an object in front of her she grabs for it (and most of the time will put it towards her mouth) She can take her pacifier out of her mouth and then put it back in.
-Can roll to her side but doesn't like rolling from her stomach to her back yet though she can when we are playing.
-Sits up for a little while but then when she tries to play with a toy she falls to her side.
-We are "fighting" nap time right now. She is always looking around at naptime as if she falls asleep she is going to miss out. We've had to alter how we go down for naps now and its helping.
-She said "I"---think she is trying to tell us something?!? It's all about her? :)
-Upgraded from rice cereal to oatmeal and we like it! Girl can eat! I prefer to wait to 6 months to start baby food but with her appetite we are going to have to start sooner.
-Blows spit bubbles
-Doesn't like the bumbo now. She tries to stand up in it so we pretty much don't use it anymore.
-Smiles and talks a lot!
Tried to get a pic without her fingers
near her mouth but was unsucessful!

After blowing bubbles

"Give me the phone mom!"

First time for Peyton to see
(and HEAR) a train

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Things certainly have changed since last Thanksgiving. Last year we had found out we were pregnant a couple weeks prior and  I had horrible "morning sickness" (actually afternoon/evening) for days so enjoying a big meal was not appealing especially since we weren't telling anyone the news. Now our little blessing is here to celebrate with (and I got to chow down on all the food!).

We had a busy couple of days with family, here are some pictures:
Gobble Gobble! Ready to see Mimi and PawPaw

Ready for turkey #2

slicing onions for the dressing

Our cranberry sauce & dressing...yummy!
Ready for turkey #3

Logan put the tree up and started decorating

Uncle Logan

End of our first Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

First family trip to CS!

I can't believe half of November has gone by! We have had a busy week! Thursday we attended Luxury in Lights which is the lighting of the tree in Market Street. There were tons of people out listening to the live band and activities for the kids. Each year they select a family in need to do the honors of lighting it so it makes it special. The tree lights were in sync with different holiday music so it was fun to watch it light up.

Peyton and daddy..Skyfall ice sculpture in the back

Swinging in the park

Saturday we took advantage of the weather and drove up to College Station to have a little pre-game fun. The Aggies were playing Sam Houston (and won-WHOOP!). This was our first road trip with Peyton and it worked out very well. We timed it around her nap time so she slept the entire drive up there! Once we got there we hit up some tent sales to stock up on Aggie gear. Peyton loved watching everyone and was very smiley. After getting our Aggie gear, we headed to campus to enjoy all the activities, take a trip down memory lane and our yearly picture in front of the big ring. This was the first time back since I was pregnant with her.

Of course the campus was packed (since A&M is on fire right now in the SEC) and not really stroller friendly, thank goodness I remembered the back-ways to get around so we avoided a lot of congestion. I definitely think Peyton is an Aggie because she was smiling the entire time we were there (I mean look at the smile on her face in front of the ring by far the BIGGEST smile) and did soo well! Not to mention maroon & white look great on her ;)
Afterwards we headed to Blue Baker for some brick oven pizza--just like our old college days!

And After!

so happy! 
Sporting the bow I made her!

ready for our walk around campus

Blue Baker--yum!

We attended a new church today, First Baptist. We are looking around at new churches since we feel that Fellowship of the Woodlands has gotten too big. We enjoyed the service and this was Peyton's first time attending; she did very well! We sat next to the door in case she started to cry but she was quiet the entire time (except for some slurping noises due to the pacifier) and she just loved looking at all the canned goods for their food drive! We will see in the coming weeks if we think this will be our church home.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Peyton's First Food

This past week we started rice cereal. Her first experience went great though as we kept going most of it fell out of her mouth and she got frustrated so we stopped for the night.
First bite

 Day 2--we still like it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 4 months!

Another month has flown by! Peyton had her check-up yesterday and weighs 13.1 lbs and is 25 1/4 inches long. She did so great during the entire visit. It was weird going into this one because she has changed so much since her last visit. While in the waiting room I compared it to our last visit at 2 months. She was asleep in the carseat but now she was alert, looking all around and I just carried her in my arms. At 2 months she got her shots and cried the entire time, on the way home and a little while at home but this visit was completely different. She cried when she got them but once she was done we listened to a little Fun. and danced, she started smiling and did not cry the rest of the day! The doctor said she is doing great and we can now start rice cereal. We are excited that we've gotten to this stage but as I was thinking more about it I couldn't help but get a little sad. In the near future our nursing times will shorten (I'll still breastfeed) and I'm sort of sad for that to end. We had a difficult start at first and at times I thought I was going to give up but we made it through...time is flying by and she is growing everyday! Peyton has been chewing on anything she can and drooling up a storm! The doctor said these are signs of teeth coming in and we looked at them in her gums so it won't be too long before her first tooth comes in! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Month 3 Favorites

Another month has gone by and boy have we seen so many changes in Peyton. She laughs and talks everyday now and she enjoys tummy time! We had a pretty good nap routine going on until Daylight Saving Time...but we are getting back on track. This month has been filled with activities and we are excited for the next couple of months with Thanksgiving and Christmas. So with month three down, here are some of her "favorite" things

Tommee Tippee bottles-YES we have found THE bottle! It took a couple of months but this style she enjoys the most...its too bad that we have about 14 other bottles that she doesn't like.

"Jacque" the Peacock- Peyton is in love with him. She can't keep her eyes or hands off him haha. This toy actually helped her in tummy time because loved starring at it. He goes where we go.

Mustela Products-these definitely make her skin feel and smell great! They are so gentle on her.

Hush Little Baby Lullaby-she loves me to sing this to her at night. We say our prayer, rock and sing this every night and she goes fast asleep. Now our bedtime is 8/8:30!

"Let's Clap" Song-This song was written and originally song by Cade...its really simple you clap and say "let's clap". If she is crying, we sing this and she stops and starts smiling.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peyton's First Halloween

To start off we have to talk about this past weekend. The weather felt for the first time like fall so we had to be outdoors. We took advantage of it by going to P6 Farms for a corn maize adventure. They had two different ones to choose from a beginner maize and then the main attraction (below). We thought we should probably start with the beginner one to get ready for the big one, last thing we wanted was to be lost in a corn field. We found out later that there are several people throughout the maizes incase you do get lost and need help (we didn't need to use them though)

Here we go:

Cade getting us lost..till I took over

We made it out! Peyton was asleep so we didn't want to take her out of the carseat

But then she woke up! 

We went to Trick or Treat Trail on the Woodlands Waterway for Peyton's first Halloween.

Since Peyton is 3 1/2 months for Halloween there really aren't that many cute costumes in the stores and she loves to stand up so I knew that ones that enclosed the legs were not going to work. I decided to make her costume, I've never made a tutu but thought it couldn't hurt to try and make one. I also was brave enough to make the witches hat (I'm pretty impressed with how everything turned out since I made it from scratch). Now that I'm at home I've been more crafty and have realized I need to get a sewing machine...maybe this years Christmas present. 

So many people commented on how adorable she looked, some people even took pictures of her which was kind of weird. Since Peyton couldn't really eat candy we just walked around, listened to the music and drank our Starbucks lattes. 

What a cute witch!

Instead of eating candy Peyton got to play with her exersaucer for the first time. She was pretty exhausted from all the fun during the day so we headed to Fuddruckers for dinner and home for a scary movie after Peyton's bedtime.

I tried to pick out only 2 photos to post but I just cant help but add more!

All smiles for mommy

look at those lips!! (and cheeks)

Happy first halloween!