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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peyton's First Halloween

To start off we have to talk about this past weekend. The weather felt for the first time like fall so we had to be outdoors. We took advantage of it by going to P6 Farms for a corn maize adventure. They had two different ones to choose from a beginner maize and then the main attraction (below). We thought we should probably start with the beginner one to get ready for the big one, last thing we wanted was to be lost in a corn field. We found out later that there are several people throughout the maizes incase you do get lost and need help (we didn't need to use them though)

Here we go:

Cade getting us lost..till I took over

We made it out! Peyton was asleep so we didn't want to take her out of the carseat

But then she woke up! 

We went to Trick or Treat Trail on the Woodlands Waterway for Peyton's first Halloween.

Since Peyton is 3 1/2 months for Halloween there really aren't that many cute costumes in the stores and she loves to stand up so I knew that ones that enclosed the legs were not going to work. I decided to make her costume, I've never made a tutu but thought it couldn't hurt to try and make one. I also was brave enough to make the witches hat (I'm pretty impressed with how everything turned out since I made it from scratch). Now that I'm at home I've been more crafty and have realized I need to get a sewing machine...maybe this years Christmas present. 

So many people commented on how adorable she looked, some people even took pictures of her which was kind of weird. Since Peyton couldn't really eat candy we just walked around, listened to the music and drank our Starbucks lattes. 

What a cute witch!

Instead of eating candy Peyton got to play with her exersaucer for the first time. She was pretty exhausted from all the fun during the day so we headed to Fuddruckers for dinner and home for a scary movie after Peyton's bedtime.

I tried to pick out only 2 photos to post but I just cant help but add more!

All smiles for mommy

look at those lips!! (and cheeks)

Happy first halloween!

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  1. LOVE the costume! You did a great job and she's adorable! Andy and I will have to tell you about our corn maze trick next time we see you; we can solve any maze on the first try with no wrong helps to know that when you're trying to get a whiny toddler out of there, haha! :)