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Friday, November 9, 2012

Month 3 Favorites

Another month has gone by and boy have we seen so many changes in Peyton. She laughs and talks everyday now and she enjoys tummy time! We had a pretty good nap routine going on until Daylight Saving Time...but we are getting back on track. This month has been filled with activities and we are excited for the next couple of months with Thanksgiving and Christmas. So with month three down, here are some of her "favorite" things

Tommee Tippee bottles-YES we have found THE bottle! It took a couple of months but this style she enjoys the most...its too bad that we have about 14 other bottles that she doesn't like.

"Jacque" the Peacock- Peyton is in love with him. She can't keep her eyes or hands off him haha. This toy actually helped her in tummy time because loved starring at it. He goes where we go.

Mustela Products-these definitely make her skin feel and smell great! They are so gentle on her.

Hush Little Baby Lullaby-she loves me to sing this to her at night. We say our prayer, rock and sing this every night and she goes fast asleep. Now our bedtime is 8/8:30!

"Let's Clap" Song-This song was written and originally song by Cade...its really simple you clap and say "let's clap". If she is crying, we sing this and she stops and starts smiling.

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