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Friday, November 30, 2012

Noteworthy November

Hard to believe that November is already over, we have been busy this month I haven't really posted about Peyton's development/milestones.

-Chews and sucks on anything! You will notice lots of pictures with fingers in her mouth.
-Hand coordination is amazing! If you put an object in front of her she grabs for it (and most of the time will put it towards her mouth) She can take her pacifier out of her mouth and then put it back in.
-Can roll to her side but doesn't like rolling from her stomach to her back yet though she can when we are playing.
-Sits up for a little while but then when she tries to play with a toy she falls to her side.
-We are "fighting" nap time right now. She is always looking around at naptime as if she falls asleep she is going to miss out. We've had to alter how we go down for naps now and its helping.
-She said "I"---think she is trying to tell us something?!? It's all about her? :)
-Upgraded from rice cereal to oatmeal and we like it! Girl can eat! I prefer to wait to 6 months to start baby food but with her appetite we are going to have to start sooner.
-Blows spit bubbles
-Doesn't like the bumbo now. She tries to stand up in it so we pretty much don't use it anymore.
-Smiles and talks a lot!
Tried to get a pic without her fingers
near her mouth but was unsucessful!

After blowing bubbles

"Give me the phone mom!"

First time for Peyton to see
(and HEAR) a train


  1. sitting?!? She's growing up waaaay too fast! :) I feel like she'll be driving before I see her, haha!

    1. Yep just for about a minute max; I attribute it to her feet now she can touch her toes and she loves doing that now! She is so much more alert nowadays. You will see her when Riley arrives! :)