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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tis the season!

What a busy week and a half we have had! We went to my friends bridal shower (Peyton was a hit), attended our first first birthday party and saw Santa! Oh and did I mention that Johnny Manziel won the Heisman? Happy night in the Roper household.

We put up our Christmas tree and started wrapping presents for Peyton. We've realized that there is NO room for any of Peyton's toys along with ourselves. We started looking around at houses and have been looking casually but we decided we needed to be more active as we really have outgrown our current space. We found the house so stay tuned 2013 we will be in a new home!

We saw Santa for the first time last Sunday. He came in the mall jingling his bells, it was really cute when the older kids were getting excited for Santa. Peyton didn't cry and was more impressed with the crowd around then with Santa. It was like a mad dash to get to the next kid, that's the joy of going on a weekend during December. We decided to try another time when there wasn't a big crowd. This time Santa had plenty of time for us and now Peyton got to inspect him more and also grab his beard many times! It's fine to see Santa twice, right?!?

Picture highlights so far in December:

Only 1 day apart. 

The "Wolfpack"

Celebrating Manziel's win!

Still waking up

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