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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy 5 months! (And 4 month favorites)

Peyton is 5 months old! Wow in 1 more month she will be celebrating her half birthday!

Last month she needed her bumbo to sit up, now she did it all on her own! We still had some tip overs but she is only 5 months.

And onto Peyton's favorites from last month:

Puppy-he doesn't really have a name so we just call him puppy. We were out shopping one day and decided to go into LifeWay to pick out new Bibles and they had a sale on this dog. I got it because it was so soft and a great price. Peyton just loves him!! She talks to him every time you give him to her, its so cute.

Exersaucer-Peyton gets lots of use out of this and her jumper. She just spins and spins in it playing with (and sucking on) all the toys. I've been able to get more things done around the house too.

Tommee tippee pacifiers-we use these to go to bed and stay asleep at night. She likes her wubbanub during the daytime but for bedtime it has to be one of these and no other brands does she like as much.  I 'm pretty much set on all Tomme tippee products now.

Oatmeal-What a milestone, her first solid food! Peyton has become quite the expert at oatmeal eating. She insists on holding the spoon and bringing it towards her mouth when I feed her. Its so cute! But what's not cute is oatmeal poop!!

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