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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peyton's first Christmas

Dad you look silly

Peyton's first Christmas went great! We started the morning by putting our Santa hats on, turned up the  Christmas music, baked cinnamon roles and started opening presents.
It was a busy day, here are some pictures of it:

Mommy's presents! (not the ones in the back ;) )

This is all mine?!?

After Christmas at our house, we went to my parents to have lunch but the power was going off and on that morning and we didn't have power for about 3 hours so our lunch plans didn't happen. Instead we had sandwiches outside and then opened presents.

We took a little break for naptime and snacks and then headed to the Ropers. I was trying to make room on our camera for more pictures and while there I realized I didn't put the SD card back in the camera. Cade's dad took pictures thankfully so I'll post those when I get them. 

The next day we went to Cade's moms for our final Christmas. By this time Peyton was an expert at holding the wrapping paper and tearing it off. Peyton was giving out kisses, it was so sweet. The only thing missing from this Christmas was Sam, Nicole and Andy! We can't wait to see ya'll soon and Riley Joy!

Giving kisses

Peyton had a great Christmas and is spoiled by all her relatives! Thank you all for the wonderful gifts.

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