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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year!

Well 2012 was an amazing year for us we: had a baby, I became a stay at home mom, Cade got a new job, bought a new car, Texas A&M had an awesome football season (Johnny Heisman Football & Cotton Bowl champs) and found a house! We were truly blessed in 2012 and are excited for this upcoming year and new adventures that come our way.

This new years was a little different, Cade and I weren't sure if we would actually be able to stay awake to celebrate because the night before Peyton had a rough evening and didn't get much sleep which meant we didn't really sleep. So we tried our best and popped out a bottle of champagne and watched a movie...and we made it to midnight! We had our kiss, gave Peyton kisses and went straight to bed!!

Peyton for the past few weeks has been squeeling non-stop during the day, especially when she is in her jumper. At first we thought she was upset or hurt but saw a huge smile on her face and she just kept doing it. She is a lot more talkative nowadays, she said "dada" but wasn't referring to Cade so it doesn't count!! ;)

-She loves mirrors
-Interested in the phone all the time
-Can sit up tall by herself
-Losing more hair :( but its coming in a lot lighter...think she's going to have Cade's color
-Doesn't like bananas but loves squash! We've only tried apples, bananas, sweet potatoes and squash--so far she is a veggie girl
-Grabs everything
-Gives high-fives (sort of-she puts her hand out and up high and we say high-five to her every time)
-Tries to lunge forward but doesn't really move her we are working on our crawling skills

Highlights of the past few weeks: (these are the most pics I have of Peyton NOT wearing a bow--this won't happen again!)
Playing with her vanity

Going on a picnic...look at that cheek! <3

First time eating sweet potatoes

Playing with the phone and taking pictures

First time sitting in a highchair
piano time!

Ready to go out!

Cotton Bowl ready!
This girl melts my heart! So beautiful!

2013 will bring us: a 1 year old, start of nursing school, continuation of Cade working on his MBA, start of my side business venture (I've already made a few sales!!) and a new house. Looking forward to making more memories.

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