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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oklahoma (First LONG road trip!)

We took our first long road trip this past weekend to Oklahoma to see the newest addition to the family, Riley. Our longest trip so far has been to College Station with Peyton and she did great then but that was only an hour and a half away so we were a bit nervous to embark on this trip. We initially were going to try to split it up by staying in Dallas but decided we should just go for it all in one day and if it was bad we would just head back home.

We left our house at 4a.m. so that Peyton will still sleep till Dallas. This worked out perfectly, she slept for a few hours and woke up at her usual 6a.m. time, ate and then went back to sleep till we made a pitstop. After our stop at Taco Cabana, we hit the road and Peyton went back to sleep! I've never seen her sleep that much since she was a newborn.
Breakfast at Taco C!
Once we made it to the Rihns, we had a great weekend meeting Riley and hanging out with Sam, Nicole, Andy and Andy's parents and also got to see Derrick.
First time holding Riley

Cade and I had a hard time believing that Peyton was as small as Riley 6 months ago. She was so sweet and peaceful :)

Nap time!
Peyton slept really good when we came back to the hotel but she didn't last long in her pack n play..we've been having her sleep in our bed the past few weeks because she sleeps so good like that. I think we will break this habit once move into our house and each have our own room...and a bigger bed (full size is NOT enough room for me and Cade let alone Peyton in the middle of us!)

First time in a hotel!

Getting ready for the 19 degree weather!

Sam trying to put Peyton's shoes on

Sunday we hit the road for our long trip back home. We made several stops so we could stretch, guess we all don't like to sit! We didn't get to stop at Buccee's because Peyton was asleep and by that time we wanted to just be home! We did however get some Chicken Express!! She did great the entire trip and I see some road trips in our future!

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