Peyton's first birthday

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

23 weeks..only 17 weeks to go

Well what can I say about the past few weeks....I've ate more at each meal than I ever have before, my eyes are bigger than my stomach though. Cravings have been for junk food, particularly Ruffles chips and now rice krispie treats. I'm not complaining though :) I attend a weekly prenatal yoga class by work which has helped me relax and have a better night sleep and of course I walk all day at work so I'm staying in shape.

Peyton has been full of energy the past few days. I was driving to my class Saturday and literally jumped out of the seat because of a kung fu  kick! This weekend with the pouring rain, we decided to put the crib up; it was very successful! I helped Cade a little but he did the majority of it while I sat in the glider supervising.
Here we go.

I held it up for Cade...very labor intensive


Now we are ready for the mattress and bedding. We have a few projects that we are working on for decorations and will post hopefully soon. Our next appointment is March 26th.