Peyton's first birthday

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peyton's First Easter

It was definitely one for the books!!

But first we have to start with Easter eve...

We headed over to Grandpa and Grams' house to hang out for a little while and for Peyton to show off her new skill of crawling. She had an Easter present waiting, a pink bunny...which she really wasn't thrilled about...good thing we didn't go see the Easter bunny this year! I don't think it would be fun to see her cry. Afterwards we headed back home to dye some eggs.

Peyton helping with her egg

The final products
Apparently we need a lesson in dying eggs (as you can see). Cade and I definitely need to brush up on our skills.

What a fantastic and busy Easter day today! Before heading to church Peyton 'opened' her Easter basket and we had a little fun :)
First basket

Enjoying some bubbles

We headed to church this morning which was the first Easter service we have been to with First Baptist. It was held at Cynthia Woods Pavilion and at the end of the service they had a butterfly release which was interesting and fun. I am so thankful to have the faith that I do and so happy God put in my life 3 amazing ladies that helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus. This Easter was particularly heartfelt because not only am I an setting an example but also sharing this faith with Peyton and starting her out to have a relationship with Christ.

We hosted Easter at our house. I wanted it to be fun especially since it was our first Easter in our new home and Peyton's first Easter so Cade and I made a nice spread featuring a few pinterest items.
Egg Cupcakes anyone?

How about some baby chicks?

We had an Easter egg hunt ready for after lunch but didn't really get to do the outside part with the rain..probably a good thing since Peyton can't really walk. We instead did it inside and let her crawl towards the eggs....hmm--do you think she learned to crawl just in time?!? Poor Peyton, though, was so tired at lunch that when I set her down to crawl after the eggs she started to cry...guess we couldn't get away with skipping a nap. So Peyton took a nap and we put the egg hunt on hold.

During naptime, we had some birthday cake from my parents and confetti egg-bombed Cade! It was so much fun!!
After the ambush

the accomplices
Once Peyton got up from her nap, we started the egg hunt back up! And were in a much better, rested mood!

what's in my basket

playing around with MiMi and PawPaw

walking back and forth

CHEESE! And wardrobe change
I got one!

Here you go!

All of P's Easter animals

AHAHA SOOO many animals!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Houston..we have a crawler!

Well the unthinkable happened today.......Peyton started to crawl. We honestly thought she would walk before she'd crawl since scooting around was working for her and she has started trying to use her legs more, but she proved us wrong!

I was putting a few things away in the house and found an old hat that I had when I was a baby my parents got in Jamaica so naturally I thought--hmm, let me see if this fits Peyton.

Fit like a glove! Well as I was folding the laundry, out of the corner of my eye, I see her moving while on her knees..wait, is she crawling?! So I stopped and watched, yep sure enough! I called Cade to come over and watch. Its so awesome to be able to watch "firsts" together. 

On the move!
Needless to say this hat will be staying with us :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Magnificent March

What a busy past week we've had! We've had fun with our playgroup, friends, grandmas, and a wedding!
Peyton also just discovered clapping and loves doing it. She is also starting to move around when standing up, she starts in one spot on a toy and slowing moves to another part of it. When we hold her up she takes steps without us trying to force her to move forward. She is will be walking before we know it!

Our week through pictures:

Hanging out with Mimi talking about bday plans

We went to Northshore Park during Spring Break (never doing that again, there were way too many people). It was sunny and we decided to take CeeCee and feed the ducks, we apparently the ducks don't like old tortillas. We had some pretty stiff competition with hot dog buns next to us. A few came up to us. Peyton enjoys swinging so we couldn't leave without doing that!

such a pro!
We've had few playgroup dates this past week and Peyton just loves the other kids. She likes to hold hands. 

drained from all the fun

This past weekend a good friend of mine (part of my 'wolfpack') got married. This was the first wedding Peyton has been to. She did great! She didn't make a sound the entire ceremony, she was busy playing with daddy and my friend Claire. We were very proud of her. Since 8pm is her bedtime, she really didn't know what to do since there were so many people and lots of noise. She didn't like the loud laughter but she was so tired and not used to that. We danced for a little bit and changed into our pj's and went straight to sleep!

ready to go!

smiling at Claire

"One day.."

Part of the wolfpack.. Lauren our missing piece was of course the bride!

St. Patricks Day was low key--Cade and I went on a date (for the first time in a while). It was nice, we went to a movie (Silver Linings Playbook) and then out for lunch. AND Peyton was perfectly fine when we left and when we came back, so I think we are going to be doing that more often now.

Happy 3rd birthday to Sam!

Easter cards are going out this week. Peyton had so much fun with the eggs and baby chicks. She held on tight to two eggs and kept lifting them up in the air.
"Hmm..what is all of this?"
"I like these eggs"

"Here you go chicks"