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Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy 8 months! (And 7 month favorites)

Well yet another month has flown by. The saying is true, when you have kids time goes by faster. Peyton is learning so much everyday and this month has been full of new things (good and bad).

-Signs "more"
-Has 5 teeth and smiles all the time
-Loves to raise her arms in the air. We do "up & down" a lot
-Loves peekaboo and is ticklish
-Loves looking at herself in the mirror (but how could you not being so incredibly cute ;) )
-Have a playgroup we really enjoy
-Stands with support extremely well
-Started eating homemade organic baby food (bananas, sweet potato, green beans, squash, zucchini and cauliflower<-not a fan of this one)
-Instead of crawling we scoot
-Gives kisses and hugs
-Loves to lean back in our arms and look at us
-Started panting like a dog when we get really happy
-Our first case of baby eczema. Mustela has controlled it!
-Got 4 teeth this month
-Now sit in the BoB forward facing
-Sleep on our side
-Tried to supplement with formula on occasion and WILL take it (Similac)! (with me having school all day Saturdays and do our various activities during the week and keep a good supply on hand)

 Can't wait to see what this month holds!

And 7 month favorites:

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