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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peyton's Dedication

Today we dedicated Peyton at our church. Our child of God! A dedication is different from an infant baptism. It is where we, as parents, promise to lead under a Christian household and support her on her spiritual journey with the help of the church. When the time comes, Peyton will decide to let Christ into her heart and accept Him as her savior she will then be baptized (which is the reason of a baptism- when you yourself accept Christ).
MiMi and PawPaw
Grams--P was still deciding whether to go back to sleep
Peyton was really good during the service and kept talking and making noises as it went on. About 5 minutes before the dedication Peyton fell asleep! This is the one day where she actually fell asleep during the service, usually by the end she is anxious because she's been sitting patiently. Pastor Bruce held Peyton and walked around the entire congregation talking about our promise as parents. She stayed asleep until he brought her back to us and then woke up and went straight to sleep again. Pastor Bruce wanted to keep her but we told him we liked her a little to much :). We really like this church and are excited to be more involved with them. We want the best for her and I am so excited to share this experience with her.
She LOVED her bible.

And her burb cloth

They gave her a gift which included a certificate of dedication, personalized cloth, bible and little bunny. So blessed to be apart of this church.

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