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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our first tooth!

Peyton got her first tooth in two weeks ago. Finally after what seemed like two months of teething with the excess drool and chewing we finally got one in!! She had a some rough times with it so I gave her some orajel and it seemed to help.

She is loving the new sounds that her tooth makes, it so cute to listen to and watch her play. Aside from  that, she is trying to stand up more when I pick up both of her hands. She really does not have an interest in crawling, she tries for a little bit but then rolls over....but we said before we thought she'd skip crawling and I never crawled when I was a baby.

We've been pretty busy these past few weeks. My school work has picked up quite a bit and by headband business, Cade was in Nashville for work for about 4 days and we signed the papers to our house AND moved in!! Wow--that was a lot in itself!

We have dinner with Cade's side of the family for her grandmothers birthday and Peyton did not do so hot. She cried a lot....I think it was the combination of loud restaurant (we don't ever go to noisy places), a VERY short nap, out close to bedtime and her new tooth.

Right before Cade had to go to Nashville we signed the papers on our house. We are still in lala land it seems like. Its hard to believe this is our home. Pictures will come later, it is full of boxes right now!

Peyton has been a little cranky today and I looked in that pretty little mouth and see another tooth coming in!! I've got to say I'm going to miss that sweet toothless smile!!

I want to eat the camera

We got a new hat in the mail..of course
its too hot to wear it now

If you look close there is a tooth!

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