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Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 7 months!

Ok, ok...let me tell you a joke.
Peyton is 7 months today! To celebrate we decided to go try out a class at the Little Gym. This is the first time that Peyton has been around so many babies and I feel more comfortable taking her to places like this now that she is a little older and can actually participate.

She was staring down everyone when we first got there, I don't think she knew what to do with all those people and babies. She was so intrigued with the other babies during the class. At the very end of the class she started smiling and talking. There was no crying :) We might try out a few other ones to see what is best.

A few things about Peyton at 7 months:

-She has TWO bottom teeth
-Says "dada" and squeals all the time
-Can pull herself up to stand
-HATES pears!
-loves sitting on the window seal and swinging her feet

We love going to McAllisters and seeing how much Peyton has changed at each trip. Its an Aggie tradition to go to McAllisters and we would go when I was pregnant and it was the first restaurant we went to with Peyton after she was born.

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