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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go Texan Day! (First Zoo Trip)

Peyton's first kick off to the rodeo. We put on our pink cowgirl boots and headed to the zoo for the first time!
Horse shirt and pink boots!
Before we went there, we stopped by my old work and hung out since the last time most of them saw her was when she was 2 months old. I definitely don't miss the drive, especially now that we live further north.

Peyton LOVED the zoo! It was also her first time to sit in the Bob like a big girl! As we walked around her little feet were moving away, so much so that her boots kept falling off! It was fun exploring the zoo just us, we could take our time and go to different areas we wanted to see (or I guess me, haha). I wanted to go to the big exhibits since Peyton can't really look at the small animals. We saw the lions, monkeys, and giraffes. Lastly we headed to the elephants and right as we got to them, she fell asleep! It was so cute, I guess our adventure wore her out!
A nice lady offered to take our picture

Peyton w/ the elephants

We will definitely be going back to the zoo and will probably get a membership.

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