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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day & Cade's birthday!

Peyton's first Valentine's Day was great!

The picture on the Valentine's cards:


We started the morning by getting our free heart shaped chicken biscuit from ChickFila. 

 Then it was time for Peyton to eat breakfast and enjoy her Valentine's goodies since she can't really enjoy chocolate.

Her Valentine plate
We made cupcakes for Cade's birthday and I thought it would be a good idea to have Peyton on the counter with me while I ice them..and then this happened.

                             So we decided it might be better to finish up the cupcakes in the walker. :)

Mommy's Valentines

Friday was Cade's 26th birthday and we had a great time celebrating. I made sure that his breakfast had a candle (he wanted Chick fila). We went to Grimaldi's for birthday lunch and enjoy the beautiful weather. Peyton definitely talks a lot and is extremely loud now so its really funny when we got out to places.

After work, we opened presents and sang happy birthday!

This past weekend we had a birthday party of probably my oldest friend, Ivy. I've known her ever since we were in 1st grade and we still keep in touch. It was at Pump It Up and that was the first time we had been there. We didn't play but we did bounce against some of the walls ;)

Hmm...what is this?

Camryn 5, Peyton 7 months

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