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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 4 months!

Another month has flown by! Peyton had her check-up yesterday and weighs 13.1 lbs and is 25 1/4 inches long. She did so great during the entire visit. It was weird going into this one because she has changed so much since her last visit. While in the waiting room I compared it to our last visit at 2 months. She was asleep in the carseat but now she was alert, looking all around and I just carried her in my arms. At 2 months she got her shots and cried the entire time, on the way home and a little while at home but this visit was completely different. She cried when she got them but once she was done we listened to a little Fun. and danced, she started smiling and did not cry the rest of the day! The doctor said she is doing great and we can now start rice cereal. We are excited that we've gotten to this stage but as I was thinking more about it I couldn't help but get a little sad. In the near future our nursing times will shorten (I'll still breastfeed) and I'm sort of sad for that to end. We had a difficult start at first and at times I thought I was going to give up but we made it through...time is flying by and she is growing everyday! Peyton has been chewing on anything she can and drooling up a storm! The doctor said these are signs of teeth coming in and we looked at them in her gums so it won't be too long before her first tooth comes in! :)

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