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Friday, October 26, 2012

First Family Carving

Well it isn't a "scary" pumpkin carving but it was a fun way of capturing our first family pumpkin carving.
We started out by setting Peyton in her bumbo to watch us but as time went on she was more fascinated with her bib than watching us. We decided to do a cut out of each of our hands. For Peyton's we just traced it in pencil on a sheet of paper and then cut it out on the pumpkin.
It was surprising really easy--well the letters were the hardest part. Cade delegated that task to me. I wasn't sure if how they would turn out but when we put the candles in it looked better than I thought.

Peyton's first pumpkin

Peyton wanted to try some pumpkins seeds

Kinda looks like a face

Our family pumpkin with all of our hands!
Peyton will probably kill me when she sees this when she is older but I couldn't resist. How many times can you fit into a pumpkin in your life?

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