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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is in the air!

These past few weeks we have been enjoying some family time together. Peyton and I have had several lunch dates and trips to the mall (no shopping just walking). She has done great being out for several hours and I'm learning how to do it all while out too. Our longest trip out was this past weekend when we went to the outlet mall and then to the Ropers house. We weren't really sure how everything would go because when we have been house hunting she gets tired of being in the carseat but she surprised us both!

Cade is now permanently home! No more training or trips for awhile. So far we haven't gotten on each others nerves. :) We are getting ready for the fall season around the house with decorations and our bath and body works "Leaves" candle. The past few days the weather has been AMAZING! Perfect for Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and porch swinging which Peyton absolutely loves. She is definitely an outdoorsy girl!

-We are officially in size 2 diapers. We've got 5 gorgeous rolls on our thighs
-Carters 3 month clothes are getting snug
-Last weigh in: 12 lbs, 24 inches
-Can sleep for 7 hours straight (not very often but we enjoy those nights)
-Enjoy our index finger
-Like sleeping in the Nap Nanny
-Favorite toys are the Octopus and Dragonfly
-Smile at ourselves in the mirror
-Learning to wave hi and bye when we are in the mirror and at people
-Favorite lullaby is "Hush Little Baby"
-Smile and "talk" alot
-Grunting at night has decreased to only when we are waking up

Forgot to add this last month

CeeCee feels so comfy

Fun w/ Grams and Grandpa

My favorite position. Look I'm walking!

We are excited to see Nicole, Sam  and baby Rihn this weekend!

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