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Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 months old

Peyton is now officially an "infant"--goodbye newborn phase. There has definitely been a change now that she is three months, it seems like over night.
I'm how old?

-Currently sleeping through the night --> 9/9:30p.m.-7a.m.
-Getting used to taking naps on a regular schedule
-Had her first "real" laugh on Sunday! (it was AMAZING)
-Grabs toys (and hair) and likes to bring them to her mouth
-Entered the drooling phase
-Enjoying tummy time more thanks to Jacque the Peacock
-Likes Tommee Tippee bottles the best

Meet Jacque

We tried out our Bumbo for the first time this week. Peyton seems to like it but we still need to wait to use it with her more often till she has full control of her head.
This thing is called a what?!?

We've been taking walks in the evening down the Woodlands Waterway as a family and we went to the fountains with Peyton for the first time. She had a blast looking at the water change colors and started to move her feet the whole time I was holding her.

Happy Feet
Still looking at the lights

Peyton and I went to our first baby boot camp today and I realized how out of shape I am. She did so well and was awake and smiling the entire time. All the ladies loved her (but how could you not :)). After our workout, we went to look at the ducks in the water and Peyton could not keep her eyes off the ducks. She loved them!

This weekend we have lots going on: another pumpkin patch, wildflower festival and a corn maze. I love this time of year!

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