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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thumbs and poops

Thats what my past week has been. Of course we've been busy with lots of other things but the way the last few days have been I couldn't pass up an opportunity to tell you about thumbs and poops!

We have recently been fascinated with our thumb region. We haven't quite made it to the actual finger but boy does the area around taste good. My natural instinct is to remove the hand from her mouth and give her a pacifier instead....but Peyton will not accept a pacifier. I'm trying to break the habit early because once that thumb comes out from her other tiny fingers grasp we may have a thumb sucker (another trait of her daddy :) )
This is the scenario:
I catch her sucking on her right palm (only this one, apparently the left one isn't as good) and then give her a pacifier but she takes it in her mouth, looks at me, smiles and then spits it out and goes back to the palm.

At night time I put mittens on her hands and when she wakes up to eat I see that the mitten on her right hand has been pulled off. This girl gets what she wants! Its still a work in progress but at least I can say I tried.

Onto the subject we all love-baby bowels. I never knew that I would talk about poop as much as I have having Peyton. The typical conversations between all parents: how many times a day your child has poop and its looks. Well beyond that we get to the fun stories associated with them that can certainly entertain you all day long.

This past week we've had:
-The exploding poop that makes its way up the back and conveniently on the sheets of our bed. Only to be smiling afterward.
-The sneeze and poop on mommy's hand. (keyword mommy)
-The poop that hurt so much you needed to cry afterwards. I felt Peyton's pain on this one, literally--I was holding her when it happened.

Cade has yet to experience any of these himself..hmm.

A small video of Peyton and I "talking" and her fascination with her palm. PLEASE excuse my voice/talking.

"I did what to the bed?"

Love her smiles

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