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Monday, September 10, 2012

Shots...are not fun!

Today has been a busy day for the Ropers! We had Peyton's 2 month visit. She woke up in the morning smiling and talking while Cade and I were saying to ourselves how she is not going to enjoy the rest of the day. She weighs 11 lbs and is 22 3/4 in. long which puts her right on track! She got her first round of immunizations and was smiling during the oral one but as soon as they stuck her little legs, she cried like I've never heard and turned beet red. People told me theres a delayed reaction for kids but not my child as soon as the needle went in she cried. Needless to say, mommy was a wreck, I had more tears then she did! She got better once I held her and stopped crying but the problem was that she still wanted to be held and of course we had to drive home! She has been a little fussy and sleeping today since she's been through so much. We are getting lots of snuggle time in.
At the doctors before her shots

I also went into work today to let my boss know I was not returning. Everyone was understanding which made me feel better. 

This past weekend we went out as a family for the first time. Sunday we went and ate at Cafe Express and then we walked around market street for a little bit. Peyton did so well and was so interested in watching everyone and everything around her--definitely beat the same old scenery around the house. We also had our first date night thanks to CeeCee for watching her. We went to our favorite place The Taco Stand, it was nice but most of our conversation was about her. 

Peyton enjoying the ride
We had a low key Labor Day and just had lunch with my parents.
PawPaw talking to Peyton

Just a few things over the past few weeks:

-We can put her in the swing and we eat together. 
-LOVES her playmat
-LOVES her puppy keyboard--we put those wiggly legs to use and play music
-Talks more to us now
-End the nights with our dancing to country music which is helping put her to sleep
-Focusing on objects more now and is starting to hold onto things
-She loves grabbing my hair
-Smiles alot
-Still grunts in her sleep and is not liking to be swaddled anymore
-Will only take the pacifier when she gets hungry
-She is sleeping about 5 hours each night and at 3a.m. she is soo happy!
-Does not like you to wake her up--guess she takes after mommy!
-Has to be held on your shoulders so she can see everything
-Started tummy time and so far she has done great

Here are a few pictures of Peyton:

Happy Grandparents Day!

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