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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Awesome April

As this month ends, here's a look back at a few of the many fun times we've had.

Not waisting the probably few days of 'cool' weather, we've been at the park and outside in our yard.
Cade has lots more project now that we are house owners and a special little girls first birthday..we haven't revealed the theme yet but Cade's in the process of building something for it! :)


Enjoying the day
Our cats are outside in the backyard...and still alive. Finger crossed it stays that way. They seem to be adjusting well and stay close to the porch. They haven't ventured further than that really but I'm sure in no time they will.

smoochy face

 We put up Peyton's swing which has been sitting in the dining room for probably a month. We found the tree but the branch wasn't short enough. After buying some chain, it is up and Peyton just loves it! We swing almost everyday.

Swing time
This past week Peyton all of sudden decided she wanted to use her walker--by herself. She uses it to walk everywhere in the house. We don't have to force her to use it. The only thing she has trouble with is turning but I'm sure in no time she will be a pro.

Going on her walkabout

Super P!

watch out naked baby!
Peyton and some of her boys!

Crazy climber

Impromptu clown show in Market Street..Jackpot! 

taking pictures for PeytonsLane

Before bed silly face pic..front facing iphone camera not the best quality but I love them!

We are ready for May's Adventures!

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