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Friday, April 12, 2013

8 Month Favorites

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether- This is something that we carry around everywhere. Peyton isn't really a fan of most teethers but this one isn't like most that are filled with water. Its more like a toy that she can chew on. I recommend this to any parent!
Earth's Best Toothpaste & Brush-Since P has 6 teeth brushing two times a day is essential in our household. She gets so excited when she sees the brush. Most of the time she is trying to bite or suck on it when I'm brushing her teeth. Really any brush or toothpaste is good, we just use this brand.
Little Tikes Activity Garden-Well work the money!!! This toy has it all. P likes to stand, open the windows, crawl out from the door and use the telescope.
Little Tikes Tickle Balls- every since we started going to the Little Gym, P can't stop looking at balls. We were at ToysRUs one day and found these similar to the ones we us at LG. She is started to roll the ball back to us-and by back I mean roll it anywhere but hey its a start!
Bubbles-Who doesn't love bubbles? P is more aware of the bubbles and will sometimes hold her hands out. She has this amazed look on her face when they pop.

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