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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Last week was our first family member-only zoo event! Yes, its very exciting. After Cade got off work, we headed downtown. Now that we live farther, it definitely feels like it. I know its only 15 minutes but that just adds on....makes me very glad I don't have to drive to the medical center for work everyday.

The zoo had music, keeper talks and a scavenger hunt with a prize at the end (yes, we went full force on the hunt and got Peyton's prize at the end!). We were surprised at how there were areas of the zoo that we really hadn't noticed before. It was a great experience and we had so much fun.

Peyton stayed awake the entire time and we didn't leave until a little past 8 (which 8 she is usually IN bed). She really liked the lions and giraffes. Her latest thing is waving---at anything and sometimes just because. So we waved at all the animals.

Pictures Highlights:
Our guide

Waving to the lions

And yes, more waving

we couldn't take the passport from her..seriously
she cried every time we did.

The prize at the end

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