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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall 2013

We are so excited for this fall season. Peyton is walking and talking and so aware of everything that we can't wait to take her to the places on our October to-do list.

In our new house this year requires a bit more decorations (oh-darn). Peyton loves our scarecrow we put outside and waves to it everyday when we leave.

Whoo's ready for fall?

We did a little fall photo and someone had a blast! Especially holding her own baby pumpkin

I want to hold this one

Yep..we are gonna be in trouble
 This years October Bucket List:
-Go to a pumpkin patch: this is a given and we already have plans to visit a couple with our mommy group and just ourselves
-Go through a corn maze: last year she slept the entire time
-Make Peyton's costume: started today and boy is it going to be cute!
-Trick or Treat: this year we are in a real neighborhood! Now if I can get her to say "trick or treat" ;)
-Find a pumpkin spice latte recipe just like Starbucks: paying $5 hurts when you want it all the time.
-Take a drive to the country: don't know exactly where in the country
-Take our family picture with an amazing photographer! I'm really excited because the photographer we are using actually contacted me to do a photo shoot just for Peyton's Lane. I looked through her work and she is wonderful! So I'm really really excited about our family pictures and Peyton's Lane's first photo shoot!

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  1. adorable!! We love fall at our house too! I've been trying out a few pumpkin spice latte recipes myself and they've been awful! Let me know if you find a good one :)