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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ren Fest & Bowling

A couple weeks back we went to the Ren Fest which Cade and I hadn't been to in several years and it was Peyton's first time.

The day we went was about 50% chance of rain and during this show we had the most rain while we were there. So we crowded under the umbrella and he continued despite the rain.
Fire Whip Show

Peyton enjoyed eating

Petting the donkey

And then she realized her hand was dirty 
Dancing to the festive music

The next day it was even rainier than the previous day so we decided to take our first family bowling trip together! Cade and I both bought new balls prior to getting pregnant with Peyton and we hadn't used them much so we dusted them off and I forgot how heavy mine was since I got a bigger ball.

I beat Cade...3 times.
She touched everyone of them

watching it go in the gutter

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