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Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a.....GIRL!

That's right!! Cade's prediction (and many of yours) were right. There was no mistaking that it wasn't a girl (as you can see). When the tech told us that we were having a girl, the first thing that popped into my head was "Oh man, Cade was right and I was wrong". We always have bets on who is right/wrong. Of course I am more than overjoyed to have a baby girl!

She was moving up a storm when we were first there but she was enjoying some unusual poses with her legs all the way up in front of her face. We tried to get a full shot of her face but right as that was about to happen, she crossed both of her arms in front of her face (along with her legs).....I guess being in a tight space, that position is comfortable.

I tried to move her and so did the tech but she did not want to budge!! It was so funny. After a few minutes of attempting, she rolled over to her side--she was done.

We hosted a gender reveal party for our family and few friends so that everyone could share in the joy of this news (the first Camp/Roper grandchild, first girl grandchild in general).
Here are a few pictures, the theme: WHAT'S IT GONNA BEE?

Tally Boy vs. Girl

Before the reveal

Pink filling--its a girl!

YAY! Cade was right :)

We can also announce our sweet baby girl's name:
Peyton Laine Roper


  1. Congratulations! Who is your OBGYN? I see Dr. Syal... He delivered Taylor and will deliver Madison as well! Love the pics and great name! ;)

  2. Thank you!! Dr. Westmoreland-she was my gyno before pregnancy and I love her!

  3. What a cute way to reveal little miss Peyton's gender! We are so excited for the two of you. She's growing so fast! :)