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Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Fourth and LAST "First" Holiday

This was officially Peyton's last "first" holiday. Hard to believe that 1 year has flashed before our eyes. We had a low-key, enjoyable day. You can forget the awesome food that comes with holidays!

We started the day with delicious red, white and blue pancakes.

Cade grilled burgers and I made all the other food.

Patriotic drink anyone?!? (surprisingly didn't take bad, it was refreshing and a great drink for kids)
looks better in person

How about some delicious RWB chocolate covered strawberries?!? YES I made these!

A little photoshoot:
Beautiful girl

I made Peyton's dress and it went perfect with our Old Navy Flag t-shirts (which are ALWAYS a tradition).

Our house has a nice little view of The Woodlands Anadarko building and this is the general area the fireworks are every year. So we decided instead of fighting a crowd, we would watch from our backyard. Well we knew Peyton would be asleep and she was so tired from all the fun we had earlier we really didn't want to wake her up. So Cade and I decided to watch the show and it was pretty good! (Along with the neighborhood fireworks--surprisingly Peyton slept through all of it).

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