Peyton's first birthday

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Peyton is ONE!!

We kept the tradition of birthday week going and a candle in her breakfast.

 We went to the zoo to celebrate and for the first time road the carousel. Peyton wasn't too sure about it. For a present, I let her pick between the elephant or zebra and she chose the zebra. Fitting since her outfit was zebra, she was pointing to the zebra on the carosuel and her carseat is zebra.
When we got back, Peyton had a LONG nap and then we went out to dinner at La Madeline with my parents.
'Hey mommy look at the carousel!'

'Its a monkey'

Peyton learned a new trick. When we ask how old she is, she puts 1 finger up for "1". Its so precious because she smiles when she does it.
I'm 1!

Opening presents from Mimi & Pawpaw 
birthday cake!

Thanks to Mimi & Pawpaw we had to carry around Peyton in her little wagon. And we still have to...I blame Cade since he put her in it. Oh and NO animals can be in it with her..NONE, or they will be dropped out of the wagon while moving. 

We did a little mash cake before her birthday and I could barely get pictures of her and the cake before she dug into it--this girl loves her sweets.

Oh...what is this?! 
Let me try it out


Yep, this is how I've been for every picture you've taken mom

Oh stop?! hahaha..yeah..right

Ok I'll use my hands now.

As if only one day a week was enough zoo fun, we decided to test out the radioflyer wagon we got Peyton (and secretly for ourselves).

Spoiled much?

Feeding the giraffes for the first time

We rode the carrousel again and still weren't too sure about it but this time was worse. I think it was Cade being there because she loves to be held by him, so she kept looking back and him wanting him to pick her up. Daddy's girl!

Daddy get me off! 

Hey look i'm a monkey!

Next up...the Pink Lemonade Party!

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  1. What a great first birthday! Can't wait to see the party pics!