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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm WALKING on Sunshine

Yep, that's right we have a beginning walker. I know not that long ago I posted about her taking a few steps.

I really wasn't sure how fast she would get the hang of it but on 4th of July she was taking a little more daring moves. Last night we went and saw the Woodlands Strykers baseball team and Peyton has such a wonderful time. There wasn't and big crowd and people weren't whistling that absolutely awful loud whistle--you know the one that can cause you go to go deaf? Why do people do that, its rude and no one likes it.
Anyway.. we thought it would be a great introduction to see how she might do at a real game. She wouldn't stop clapping and dancing the entire time we were there--literally the ENTIRE time. She's got some moves too (I'm have no idea where she gets them from).

Someone was happy!

We didn't stay for long because, well she won't stay still! We we got home did it our usual family playtime and she started taking more  and more steps towards us.

Well today was the definite day we consider her a walker! She has been walking more and more today and we got a great video of her doing it!

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