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Thursday, June 27, 2013

One STEP closer

It is just amazing to me how fast Peyton picks up on things. Its like one day she just does something that she didn't do or try to do the day before. She has learned to sign "please" and "food" this past week. She is really trying to sign "bird" but I'm sure she will be doing it in no time.
Also, she has started to want to feed herself, meaning the spoon HAS to go in the bowl and then in her mouth and SHE has to do it. She is getting really good at it but I foresee messiness in the future. I guess I wasn't going to be able to escape it.

Oh and I can't forget to add that she took 3 giant steps towards me the other day when Cade and I went on a date. When we came back home I asked her to come to me and she did! These past few days she has been taking the same amount of steps and standing on her own for longer periods--even clapping while standing alone.

So, will she be walking at one? We shall see...
Someone was hungry

standing..hands free!

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