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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy 11 months!

How is it that we will have a one year next month? We have been so busy that I'm really behind on all the activities but I had to post this! We are officially in full swing with birthday planning. 

Things to remember from this past month:
-We started walking one hand assisted but two hands, she flies! 
-Took 1 step, maybe a conincendence but it happened!
-Our conversations have increased. Its so amazing to see how she is talking to be about things, we just can't understand every word yet but soon enough we will.
-She can decide between things she wants and doesn't want. She will point to it, shake her head yes or no and sometimes say "dis"="this"
-New words: "yes", "dis=this", "ca=cat". She has been better about saying "hi" but still won't say it every time. She also has said "cheesus" which to me sounds like Jesus, but Cade just laughs at me. I promise it sounds like Jesus! 
-Started drinking out of straws

-Loves dancing to any song. Even when we sing she will dance and currently sways back and forth and holds up 1 arm. 
-Second to swinging, she loves playing in the water.
-LOVES strawberries
-Finger foods are a must
-loves shaking her head yes or no...more so no than yes--we will have to work on that
-Turning on/off any light switch when we are in that room
-Pushing doors open and closing them
-Trying to open every drawer and cabinet
-Enjoys going to the aquarium and zoo

-putting pj's on
-not as big a fan of bananas as we used to be

Its getting harder and harder to keep this girl still to take pictures!


"Ok..are we done yet?" 
Next Stop: 1 Year!

This is fun!

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